Morning Thoughts

oversized coffee mug

I am often the most creative when I wake up. Sleep must do my brain good because when I am rested I come to some of my best ideas. This is a complete opposite to my daughter, she needs a pot of coffee before she gets into gear just like my husband. I really don’t need coffee, if I drink a cup or two a day I’m good, to go.

But today is a different story, my daughter is fresh and bright eyed as she sits next to me with her iPad propped up on her knees. There is a reason for this and it is not the extra large cup of coffee that sits steaming next to here. We’re on a mission. Our imaginations are racing.

There will be a new arrival to the family soon.

I can’t believe that I will be an Grandmother short, my daughter who just recently turned twenty (thus the extra large mug, a gift from my husband, he’s thoughtful like that) will be an aunt.

We’ll be hosting the baby shower for her sister-in-law in just a couple of months and I am already to go. Thus the reason these rustic country invitations litter my browser tabs.

baby shower invitation options

My daughter was thrilled when her brother’s wife asked her to host. My daughter-in-law is an only child and she and my daughter are about as close as sisters as they come. Still, she was a little apprehensive about hosting it (she was 19 at the time) and I told her if she wanted help to ask. I hoped that she would ask.

Now we are spending some quality time this morning together sorting through instructions on how to plan, what to do. What you must never do and so on.

My daughter is determined to do everything by the book, I on the other hand have taken it a bit more relaxed. I have hosted parties before, a shower once before and know that the experts that tell you how it is done just want to sell you something. Which brings me back to the nice sets of baby shower invitations she picked out. They are beautiful, she does have a good eye when it comes to picking out tasteful decorations. But we are not planning that large of a baby shower. It should not be a big deal to find other options.

To be honest I would have skipped much of what is on her checklist. But I understand the desire to do it right and make it perfect.

And I am the help (and I get to pay for it, yay).

Still, I am also tempted to exaggerate a little.

I never had a baby shower when I was pregnant with my son and they only count for the first pregnancy. It just never worked out and I did’t have the courage to ask anybody to host one for me. (Which is why I am still skeptical that it really was my daughter-in-law’s idea.) So I am also leaning in more toward the pamper (or is that pampers?) department. However, and this is where our opinions differ, it does not need to be by the book.

I have done that when I hosted the bridal shower, and granted it was the abridged version of the book, it was still pretty close.

What I want is something fun, something relaxed and something simple to setup and more importantly clean up.

We’ll see who gets their way. If I was smart I would say my daughter.

But I can try right?

One thing that I was thinking about was putting the different stages we got through together into entries on the blog. It would be fun, it would also take time which is something that we both have little to spare.

Still planning the baby shower will be fun, I look forward to the experience, the mother daughter projects have been fewer and far between.

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed!