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Local Nuisances and the State of the Neighborhood

We’re just going to call him Brad for now. BUT the truth is that he can take on many different names and faces.

Let me set the stage. Here we have this famous individual (famous in his own mind, notorious everywhere else), who has caused us so many problems throughout his friendly career, so many moments of internal and physical conflicts have been caused – that we already have considerable respect for any dealings with him – that he has earned a reputation for his ruthless effectiveness.

To tell you about him, to say something new that you do not know, let alone shocking, is to tell you that you don’t know what it is like to be you. Brad appears when you least expect him, he is hidden, in hiding, some place until suddenly “zap”, like lighting he strikes, presenting himself with evil intent. Brad is a narcissist and can be very hard to avoid him (especially when you have a front facing job and he saunters in), nobody can do anything about him, not always, but most of the time he wins. Getting what he wants. Even if you manage to avoid him he will be back in a totally unexpected and surprising way. But we still allow him to invade our lives because of society’s social expectations of politeness put on us.

Many have suffered from the character assassination and attacks he has dealt out throughout the years. But they were able to overcome it thanks to the support that they got from others who suffered from this bully, but we have to stand together to be able to beat him.

“The bully always wins,” they sometimes say, “when you see him appear run and do not look back.”

Not anymore. Brad, fuck off!


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