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Hey Everybody – Here I Go Again!

Tonight, I am pleased to announce to all of you, the official start of my personal blog has begun anew (yeah, I know that it was 2015 when I started it). You could actually say that it never really got started but, then I guess it has been up for a while, that is a plus. I tried the other day to get a feel for it again and it was different than I remembered so bare with me, this might take a while before things begin running smoothly.

I had not really started when I first made the site, it was merely there before, because I believe – and I say this without false humility – that I still do not have the maturity or baggage like other people, whose edifying blogs and wise reasoning amaze me day by day. I will try, though, rather humbly, at the insistence of several of you (I’m poiting at you mom)… Thank you for believing that I must at least try.

It will be an effort, believe me, to put into words my appreciation for all of the things that happen to us in this life, as well as share what I hope will be a little common sense.

I am thankful for tools like this blog. I think that “bouncing” my ideas around with all of you is going to be a very pleasant and enriching adventure. Yes, I know that I have started down this path before. But, on one hand I had a lot going on and on the other there really wasn’t anything worthwhile to actually write about. In my advanced years (just kidding), taking the time to look at and comment on the different things happening in my life from time to time could even be therapeutic.

Hopefully the words and I ideas that I share here from this day onwards (promise), contribute even in a small proportion, bring some of us closer.

God bless!


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