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The Question of Religion and How It Leads Us

Each person finds the spiritual path they need to Christ. For this reason we should not judge, according to our own convictions, whether that path is “convenient” or not. Nor should we fail to accept that somebody finds it better to have none. Each spiritual path has its own way of being approached. And that is the way in which the person chooses to behave in life.

But there is a similarity between all of them when you accept Jesus as your savior. And it is the fact that in all spiritual paths it is essential to believe, a word that cements the basis to our spiritually.

To believe is to have that certain something, that the understanding that we cannot understand, faith.

Faced with the doubt of whether what I am believing is true or not, since my reason does not reach far enough to encompass everything that my faith holds. I have to stop believing in partially different or contrary things that I might have once held as relevant or true. Understanding gross like everything in life and religion isn’t different in that context.

The moment I believe in something there is something else that I stop believing in. When I was six I believed that there was a monster living in my closet and would only come out when I was asleep. Thanks to my brother this was a several month long process that my parents had to rectify. My belief in a non-existent monster was for me at that time a truth. When I stopped believing the monster disappeared. So by believing we close the door to everything else that is contrary to the element we once believed in.

Faced with these doubts, often complex, exclusionary qualifiers or extremist judgments are attached to the current views we hold. They are opposed to the current belief and so cannot be true.

Some feel the need to stop believing, they need that to begin to live their own lives. And they experience a different path, they must learn to feel a different way. Transitioning from one truth they may once have held. For them this is essential, a drive to work on their understanding. They may still practice the actions that were established for them in the canons of their religious philosophy, but they do so in a secular fashion.

The commitment to the basics of Christian teaching is decisive, practice and study are necessary to stop “believing” things that might have once held us back, instead, we need to live and experience life and assess how it has an impact on our lives.

The mind is open, it is there to analyze, search for the details in each moment when we immerse ourselves into life’s waters. Our eyes see with panoramic vision, allowing us to realize what moves around us with a bravely critical attitude and leave the feelings aside of superiority that can appear when we find a path that fits completely with our life. These processes are actions that can prevent us from respecting our neighbor’s path.

Commitment to, and practice of, self-analysis is a method that allows us to find results. Eliminate judgment and conceptualization. Recognize and accept completely and clearly that this “is my way”, and that there are many more equally valid ways for those around us to live a good peaceful life. Some will find it sooner than others, but each of us will be lead sooner or later, down the right path.

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Through Time, The Truth of Unconditional Love

My grandmother, a spry seventy-nine year old was telling us a joke she had hear at her fitness club. It goes like this, yes, I know that I can’t tell a joke to save my life, and it is made even more difficult when you have to type it off, but bear with me.

A woman says to the man she has been married to for fifty years, both of them already lying down one night, “When we were young, you used to hold my hand every night,” slowly and a little troubled, he stretches out his hand until he finds hers.

“And when we were young,” she continues, “you used to squeeze in bed next to me.” A little more slowly, her husband’s body creaks and turns over until it sits next to hers.

“And when we were young, you used to nibble my ear,” she adds. Suddenly, the man jumps out of bed pushing away the blankets…

“Where are you going?” she asks, her voice full of surprise. “Let me get my dentures,” the husband replied.

I found it sweet, yet blatant ageism, and to a degree creepy, but it highlights how we have changed as a society. When the joke was first told, it was by somebody much younger than my grandma, and they thought of themselves as old. She does not, in fact she sees herself as young and fit. Which, she most certainly is, both physically and mentally.

Surely, I already bored you but the thing is, I don’t want to keep this to myself. Humor can make us think about transformation, evolution, and growth. The human spirit, requires a good dose of perseverance towards maturity to reach its destination. But when you arrive you realize that you are still in transit.

This truth, that we can all find present in our lives at some point, is triggered by a parallel truth in my reasoning. Growth comes through true and mature love, it requires a great deal of perseverance and patience too… But not just any kind of perseverance, the kind which requires us to love that which we decided to love years ago.

Think about it like this… The word “Eros” means love. A word that keeps us loving, not only the sweetheart of our youth through the years, but also our friends and family despite their imperfections.

I am flooded with great peace, knowing that my husband’s love is precisely like that. How grateful I am that he is committed to loving me, now, and through the ages. Despite all my mistakes, which we all have for sure, and which have added up over time.

Today’s post was a little on the short side, I know, and it may not appeal much to those who are not married, but I hope it has at least some application in your life, regardless of your marital “status”.

I challenge you to continue loving those you have chosen to love and who in return have chose to love you. The people, despite their little imperfections have shared the happiness and the hardships on your side.

That is unconditional love!


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In Essence, Harmony

Ayurveda is a Lifestyle more than anything else. Ayurveda, the science of life, prevention and longevity is categorized as an alternative system of medicine but it is more than that. It has its historical roots in the Indian subcontinent.

The word Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit word – Ayur: which means life and Veda: wisdom, knowledge – so its literal meaning can be “knowledge or science of life.” The teachings are based on Hinduism and therefore spirituality is an important part of the belief system. But like yoga, you can practice it without believing in all of the underlying philosophy. In fact, Ayurveda has great practical value, with wonderful recommendations in both prevention and healing that compliment our western medicine.

The basic principle in Ayurveda is that the universe is composed of five elements:

  1. Earth
  2. Water
  3. Fire
  4. Air
  5. Ether

This is a common theme throughout the natural religions. Just as everything we find in the universe is made up of these five elements, health depends on their balance, both within ourselves and in nature.

Ayurveda consists of preventive and curative therapies as well as different methods of purification and rejuvenation, which produce longevity, using natural resources from our environment. This isn’t so far off base from other types of relaxation that we already know. Who among us hasn’t sat down with a hot mug of herbal tee?

Just the act of general care and maintaining our bodies offers healthy benefits which translates as “lifestyle in accordance with one’s own nature”. That quote is important because at the heart that is what Ayurveda is all about. You see, a lifestyle according to one’s own bodily characteristics provides vitality without imposing expectation on the person that would otherwise be, too much. Not everybody should or can run a marathon. It involves knowing our limitations and applying that knowledge to a selection of appropriate nutrition, habits and physical and mental exercise that compensate for imbalances in body and mind; thus keeping us healthier. How many of you have heard from your doctor that you need to loose weight and exercise?

The lifestyle contains some basic principles among them are:

  • Everything in the universe, whether it possesses a soul or not, is connected.
  • Every human being is composed of elements found in the universe.
  • Every human being is born in complete harmony and balance with the universe and himself.
  • This balance is disturbed throughout life. The causes can be physical, mental or emotional or a combination of these. Imbalance weakens the body and makes the organism prone to disease.
  • When human relationships in the closest circle are effective and beneficial, health is improved.
  • Diseases appear when we are not in harmony.

Therefore to “live in Ayurveda” is to live in harmony, it is to live according to our own nature, to the basic elements that compose us. Of course you don’t need to believe in any of this to see that some of what is said is a core component in living a happy healthy life. Find a balance that works for you.


* As you have already read, I don’t believe that this is an all cure. Some magic-thinking that claims that it is the cure for everything. It isn’t. And it isn’t a replacement for actual medicine, some treat it like one but that is their prerogative, this isn’t an argument for that. With that said, it can provide some benefits when treat reasonably, just like yoga has health benefits. I see it as a means to progress without trying to fit into somebody else’s mold. To re-state what I have already said: “…a lifestyle according to one’s own bodily characteristics… .”

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A Wrap Up of the Last Week

Not everyday do you get to look into a child’s eyes and see the joy and excitement when you present them with their gifts. It has been a great week everyone. Zachery just turned five and is so proud of how grown up he now is. As for his parents we’re just so thankful that we were able to have a celebration with our family. The last couple of years have been hard when it comes to celebrations, not everyone can come or wants to attend, but, knock on wood, everything seems to be going back to normal.

So, birthdays! I love them, my husband loves them (he got a set of LEGOs for his last birthday, and let’s just say he went wild*), and our son has just begun to grasp how fun they can be. Last year he just knew that he got to play more than usual and that he got toys, some socks, a terribly ugly pajama from his Aunt (as a gag gift), and he got to eat cake and ice cream (two of his favorite foods, after broccoli, strange I know).

Kiddo’s Birthday Party

As I have already mention we had a pretty big celebration this year. Last year for his birthday we only really had my parents, and my mother-in-law flew in for couple of days to visit her sister who lives in the area. My father-in-law wasn’t able to come because his company was short handed due some people falling out due to the VID. This year my husband wanted to host a BBQ Birthday, which in other words was his chance to fire up the grill one last time this year and pretend he was in one of those Norman Rockwell paintings. You know, something like this:

Norman Rockwell Painting

But without the dress shirt, belt and slacks, clean shaven, fifties look that resonates throughout Rockwell’s most famous works. My husband has worn kaki shorts, worn t-shirts, and a beard for over a decade now (since June 2010 to be exact). I don’t know if I would recognize him if he ever decided to shave. /s 🙄

In total we had about thirty people at our house this year, both the big sort and the small. Zach had a number of his school friends over and his cousins were also here. Our dog was a little over stimulated with so many little hands wanting to pet her, but she got over it pretty quickly. When everybody went home in the afternoon she and our son fell asleep together on the couch. I really wish I had gotten a picture of it. She woke up when I came in the room and there was really only a split second to catch the whole thing. Now that our son is a big boy, this was his fifth birthday after all, I think it will become more difficult to get him to take a nap. After all, naps are for babies and that he is most certainly not!

He loved the gift opening portion of the celebration, even though we coaxed him to open them slowly he tore through the majority of them. It was sweet when he got to the one from my parents. They had some custom gift wrap printed for the occasion, it was basically a photo montage of our family, their photo, and some moments with his cousins. The had it printed through a small company that specializes in such things, but also in other custom and hard to find themes. I intend to use them in the future. The wrapping paper was so cute, I wish I would have had a chance to save it (my sister cleaned the living room when we all went outside for cake and ice cream). The look on his face was priceless when he recognized who was printed on the paper, I think for a moment he thought that that was the gift. But my dad clarified it for him and he ripped it open, more reserved than the others, but still it came off in shreds.

The next morning Zach asked when his next birthday would be. Apparently he thought that it should be coming up again soon. My husband told him he would have to wait another 364 days, 52 weeks, or 12 months. Right now he thinks that that will be around Christmas since he knows he’ll get some presents then as well.

It is really a blessing to be able to watch him grow and make new experiences. When they are small it really seems like they are sometimes changing right before your eyes.

Thanks for coming everyone!


* As it turns out my husband was a huge fan of LEGO blocks growing up. Every year his grand parents would buy him a big set for Christmas and it just comes with a lot of nostalgia for my darling husband. Since he got his first (new set) some months ago he has bought another half dozen for himself and he and our son have been putting them together as “father son bonding”. I guess I can’t complain, it has been fun watching them work together on increasingly larger projects. One drawback to the LEGO project has been that they take up quite a lot of room once completed. Our living room feels like a gallery with the shelves and floor, though goggy has left them alone thus far.
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Hey Everybody – Here I Go Again!

Tonight, I am pleased to announce to all of you, the official start of my personal blog has begun anew (yeah, I know that it was 2015 when I started it). You could actually say that it never really got started but, then I guess it has been up for a while, that is a plus. I tried the other day to get a feel for it again and it was different than I remembered so bare with me, this might take a while before things begin running smoothly.

I had not really started when I first made the site, it was merely there before, because I believe – and I say this without false humility – that I still do not have the maturity or baggage like other people, whose edifying blogs and wise reasoning amaze me day by day. I will try, though, rather humbly, at the insistence of several of you (I’m poiting at you mom)… Thank you for believing that I must at least try.

It will be an effort, believe me, to put into words my appreciation for all of the things that happen to us in this life, as well as share what I hope will be a little common sense.

I am thankful for tools like this blog. I think that “bouncing” my ideas around with all of you is going to be a very pleasant and enriching adventure. Yes, I know that I have started down this path before. But, on one hand I had a lot going on and on the other there really wasn’t anything worthwhile to actually write about. In my advanced years (just kidding), taking the time to look at and comment on the different things happening in my life from time to time could even be therapeutic.

Hopefully the words and I ideas that I share here from this day onwards (promise), contribute even in a small proportion, bring some of us closer.

God bless!