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Simple but Effective

Do you feeling like everything is just too much too handle? I know what you mean. Somebody is drying you crazy at work, you husband isn’t lifting a finger in the household when you get home (not you sweetheart, a coworker’s husband) and so on and so forth. There are some simple natural remedies to “live in harmony” and they are easy to implement into our daily lives.

Throughout history, humans have used natural remedies in traditional medicine, seeking alternatives for well-being. In these ancestral philosophies, the holistic and integral vision is the fundamental basis of the positive outcome of practice. The body, mind and spirit are seen as a whole, indivisible and integrally related. What affects one of the parts affects the whole. Yet, such simple actions such as smiling, breathing and drinking tee are used as basic self-help remedies, which are quick and efficient, producing immediate and lasting results throughout the day.

Smiling Often

The physical movement of the smile eliminates contractions in many facial muscles, none as important as the masseter muscles, located at the junction of the jaws. When you feel your face tightening you can smile and lift the tension. This action alone relaxes these muscle and eliminates tension and facilitates the production of endorphins and serotonin, which improve your emotional state.

At first it may be necessary to smile in a state of awareness, feeling the movement spread across your face. It might feel like you are performing the action, maybe even like you are putting on a fake smile. WHile even the best actors need to learn there roles in a play, smiling will come naturally at some point.

With practice you can continue to familiarize yourself with the movements need to express a smile. Then, little by little, we will internalize the exercise and at the end we will smile with our whole being, mind-body-spirit, one that is a smile of kindness and love, sustained during the day and night … what more could we wish for?

Controlled Breathing

Today’s society programs us in a negative way. It starts early, and little by little, from childhood, we stop breathing naturally and efficiently. We are taught to breathe only at the thoracic level (shallow), and when it is continued, this action produces altered states of mind, excessively heats the organism and decreases gas exchange in the lungs, resulting in less oxygenated and toxin-filled blood, which the is returned to the bloodstream. But instead of nourishing the organs and tissues, it only provides us with a small portion of what we need, leaving us at an oxygen deficit, and polluting our system.

Something as basic as relearning to breathe, an action we perform more than 30,000 times a day, can be very difficult to relearn.

To stay healthy it is imperative to remember our natural way of breathing, an action that quiets the mind, oxygenates the body and predisposes us to tranquility.

By increasing the level of oxygen in the brain, many clouds of everyday life will quickly dissipated, allowing a more detailed and simple analysis of the situations of our daily lives, which results in the acceptance of our present, without fear or resentment. We eliminate states of anxiety and stress and make us more peaceful and tolerant of others and ourselves.

Breathing calms the mind. But it often doesn’t have the same effect at work. For that choose a place outside the workplace. Take leave the office if you can for a while, take a breath, raise your arms as if touching the sky, slowly lower them, close your eyes and take three deep breaths and then enjoy a healthy drink.

Drink a Good Cup of Herbal Tea

During the afternoon, at my workplace, I take the time to savor a cup of tranquilizing mint tea, or chamomile. If you need to wake up you could try one with cinnamon (very strong), sweetened with honey. For a cold and cloudy morning a blend of ginger with lemon and honey is perfect.

Nothing can be more relaxing than a cup of tea, but make sure that you are doing so in the right environment. If you’re going to take a break at work, do it. But make sure that is a true break of at least 15 minutes, of tranquility, relaxation, allowing you to recharge your physical and emotional state of being.

These are just a couple of techniques I use frequently. Though healthy breathing is one that I try to do all the time it doesn’t work well when I am feeling stressed. For that I need to take the breather.

Hopefully you have read something that will get you searching in the right direction for calm and inner peace.